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Dan Foster

Paranormal encounters

It’s easy to deny the existence of demons until you find yourself staring at one

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The next chapter in the unfortunate tale of Logan Dorn

Image by Rattana Srinusen on iStock

Religious discrimination or fair call?

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Source: YouTube

Why I’m so mad about the ‘Christian’ man who confronted some young women in bikinis on a public beach

Image source: Tiktok

The most brutal church reviews on Google

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Then what would the church do?

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10 things you think are in the Bible that are nowhere to be found

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
  • Morality
  • Quality
  • Rapture
  • Trinity
  • Fryingpan
  • Immaculate
  • Logic
  • Responsibility
  • History
  • Christianity

And how they damaged my faith

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And how to create an environment where they can be real instead

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Dan Foster

Writer, Blogger, Poet: Tackling life, faith, culture, religion, politics, and spirituality. Newsletter:

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