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Dan Foster

The fractured relationship between sex and the church

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Let’s be honest.

The topic of sex has been a source of great shame and confusion for many Christians. Growing up in the church, I was taught that there was exactly one way for Christians to express their sexuality — by staying abstinent until they got married to a person of the opposite gender. After that, they could have all the guilt-free sex they wanted.

This idea was taught as a Biblical view, and I somehow came to believe that the Christian sex ethic came to earth fully formed, straight from heaven, about 2,000 years ago.

The fact of the…

The seven things that trigger a faith crisis

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My crisis of faith began around five years ago. Like many people, it was precipitated by an unexpected life crisis. It left me questioning virtually everything that I had once held true.

When I thought about the triggers that plunged me into the pool of deconstruction, there were seven things that really left my faith flailing in the water. But, I don’t think these things are unique to my journey. There is every chance that if you have, or are having your own crisis of faith, that you are mulling over many of the same ideas.

Perhaps this will help…

No one said it would be easy, least of all, Jesus.

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A reporter was interviewing an old man on his 100th birthday. “What are you most proud of?” The reporter asked. “Well,” said the old man thoughtfully, “I am most proud of the fact that I don’t have a single enemy in the whole world.”

“What a beautiful thought. How inspirational!” Said the reporter.

“Yeah,” Said the old man, “They all died years ago!”

Wouldn’t it be great if none of us had any enemies? Would it be great if no one ever offended us, got on our nerves, was horrible to us, or said anything unkind? …

The final fate of Christ’s closest friends

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When the Biblical narrative utters it's final, “Amen,” we are left with with many questions, not the least of which is, “What happened next?”

Jesus has come and gone and passed the baton into the hands of his closest friends and followers — The 12 disciples. But, if you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered what became of the men entrusted with the task of spreading the message.

Only two of their deaths are recorded in the Bible (James and Judas Iscariot). …

14 evangelical men decide for everyone who is “in” and who is “out”

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It all started in a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas, in June 2018.

Fourteen men — most of them prominent leaders of evangelical organizations— gathered around a table in Herb’s House where, over coffee and cake, they bemoaned the infiltration of certain secular values into the church:

“There is talk of radical acceptance of sexual minorities and gender equality in the church,” Said one in hushed tones, and then, leaning forward: “Why, some in the church are even taking ownership of their complicity in white supremacy and colonialism and have given thought to apologizing.”

“It has to stop!” Cried another…

Here’s what cultural Christianity feels like to an ‘outsider’

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I don’t know about you, but I have fallen in love with side-hustling. I’m not alone. A recent survey found that around 45% of working Americans report having some kind of side gig outside their primary job. Like me, they enjoy earning a few extra dollars to supplement their income.

That is how I ended up becoming a mystery shopper.

A mystery shopper is a paid consumer who is hired to shop in stores and collect data. Think of a mystery shopper as an “undercover customer” sent in to observe, interact, and report on other customers and store employees. I…

When you know what you need to do, but the rules forbid it

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Sometimes, in life, you have to choose between doing what is right and doing what is legal. Yes, there is a difference!

Let me explain by giving an example.

When we were expecting our third child, my wife and I, having been through childbirth twice already, thought nothing could surprise us. Our third child shattered that illusion.

When my wife’s labor progressed rather more quickly than the previous two, we were suddenly faced with the very real possibility of not making it in time to the hospital and our baby being born at home, or worse, in the car. Our…

On singleness and the church

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In a UK survey of over 3000 church-attenders, two-thirds of respondents reported that they felt that being married was the expected and accepted lifestyle in the Church. Another American study found that half the churches surveyed wouldn’t let a ‘single’ person run a house group — just to be clear, that would mean that Jesus wouldn’t qualify.

It seems that the prevailing view in many churches is that singleness is a bad position and marriage will cure it — that being single is not sufficient or adequate. It’s something you need to change because it’s wrong. …

Ten reasons why believing in God is perfectly reasonable

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If you are an atheist, that’s fine with me. I respect your position. There will be no pushback from me if, say, the disconnect between the notion of a loving, all-powerful God and a world full of suffering is too great a hurdle to overcome for you.

If you have been wounded, hurt, or abused by supposedly religious people — who purport to represent God — and that led you away from faith altogether, then I only have compassion for you.

And, if you do not find enough evidence for the existence of God, then I’m not offended or surprised…

Dan Foster

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