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Dan Foster

Misogynistic post creates a Twitter storm

Image by hyejin kang on iStock

A Poem

Image by Jasper Chamber on iStock

How religion can lead to trauma

Image by Panuwach on Shutterstock

When preachers get it wrong… very, very wrong.

Image by Wirestock Creators on Shutterstock

When it's done right.

Image by KL Yuen on iStock

Encounters with the weirdest phenomenon in the church

Image by SIphotography on iStock

Playing it safe doesn’t inspire faith in anyone

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Pastor regret

You’ll always be a fool to your future self

Image by 4maksym on iStock

He’s back! And he has a new message for the world

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Dan Foster

Writer, Blogger, Poet: Tackling life, faith, culture, religion, politics, and spirituality. Newsletter:

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